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Lady Goo Goo Gaga is One!

Last week marked a solid year since I started this little blog. I have really enjoyed sharing my stories – and because I am an anonymous blogger – I have enjoyed finding out randomly that people are reading and enjoying (like last week in a line for a wake someone secretly asked me if I was Lady Goo Goo Gaga and when I confessed she was so excited.) It was like I was famous!! But it’s hard being famous – because many of you have said that you look forward to reading on Monday mornings – and sometimes it’s a little bit of pressure. Sometimes I am tired on a Sunday night, or sometimes I have had too much wine, but I feel an obligation to my fans to put something up each week!!

Besides being a local secret celeb – I have made some great connections with other bloggers and learned a lot about blogging by reading and stalking other blogs.

So it is perfect timing after a year of blogging that I finally get some awards!! Thanks to my friend at the frugalistablog  – (who states on her blog that she loves makeup and shoes – so we might be besties if she lived closer) I have been recognized as a super important blogger, and one of the awards even is called the “Sunshine Award,” which clearly is an error – since nobody has ever mentioned that word about me before – but I’ll take it!!!

Apparently all of this award giving has strict bylaws and guidelines which are stated below – but most importantly I get to pass along the awards to bloggers who have shown me the way this year while I was getting my feet wet in the blogosphere.

The Sunshine, Candle Lighter, and Liebster Awards require me to thank Frugalista  – (check) – Post the news of my awards (check) – and then pass along to other bloggers (see below.)
The Sparkly Ten Commandments require a little more work – I have to answer questions too!  Here goes……So here goes:

1.Describe yourself in seven words:

Funny, sarcastic, intense, tired, hard-working, neurotic, can I say tired again?

2.What keeps you up at night?

Basically nothing – I breastfed both of my children who were born 18 months apart – so essentially didn’t sleep for approximately 3 solid years with no reprieve.  When I was done breastfeeding I told Mr. Gaga – I would never wake up in the night again – and I meant it.  Something clicked in my brain and my eardrums and I pass out cold every night and I hear nothing and I never wake up ……Never…’s actually a problem.

3.Whom would you like to be?

4. What are you wearing now? Juicy pants from 10 years ago and a t-shirt.

5.What scares you? I don’t love traveling, I am petrified of accidents.

6.What are the best and worst things about blogging?
I love when people tell me that they like the blog or that a particular story was something they could relate to.   I hate when I am tired and it’s Sunday night at 9:30 and I have to get started.

7.What was the last website you looked at?
8.If you could change one thing about yourself what would it be?
I would like to be thinner and richer and tanner – is that too shallow???

9.Slankets, yes or no? NO!   A million percent NO! 
10.Tell us something about the person who nominated you.
She actually doesn’t know this – but we have something very random in common – but we both have anonymous blogs – so I guess we can never tell!!

Now for the 10 blogs I would like to forward these awards on to – I have so enjoyed them over the past months and hope you might check them out too…

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4 – Wait in the Van

5 – Ava Grace’s Closet

6 – My blog can beat up your blog

7 – Other side of the road

8 – Funny or Snot

9 – Ninja Mom

10 – Naragansett Number 7

Thanks for a great year!! XO, Lady goo goo gaga

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