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Movie Premieres, Awards and Stuff

This week I have to take care of some blogging business.

Sony Pictures recently asked if I would be interested in going to a private screening of a movie.

I closed my eyes and envisioned myself on a red carpet wearing borrowed jewelry from Neil Lane.

Then I pictured myself inside a dark movie theater with a huge tub of buttery popcorn.

“Yes please.” I responded.

Here’s Mr. Gaga and I posing for pictures before the premiere.

It didn’t end up being quite the glamorous event I was hoping for.

I got an email on Tuesday.

You and a guest are confirmed to see “Here Comes the Boom,” on Wednesday at 7 PM in Manchester, CT. Please arrive at 6:30.”

Needless to say there was no human being on earth that wanted to go to the movies with me 20 minutes away in the middle of the week at dinnertime.  At the end of my rope – I had no choice but to ask Mr. Gaga.

Did I mention that he hates going to the movies?

I hired a babysitter and convinced him to come with me.  Thank God this movie happened to star Kevin James and be about wrestling, so he agreed to join me.

Kevin James has a special place in our heart since we are the exact same couple as the one on the King of Queens, to the point that people have actually asked for my autograph thinking I am Leah Remini.

We rushed around, fed the kids a quick dinner and headed out on a rainy Wednesday night.  We were annoyed and running late when we arrived.  I guess they must have just put away the “step and repeat, ” before we got there.

To add insult to injury – we didn’t even have time to stop and grab a huge vat of popcorn.  I said to Mr. Gaga – “We will just go in for a little while and if it sucks -we will leave.”

As we approached the doors into the movie – I saw two people guarding the door.  There was a table set up outside of the doors with a bunch of paper bags on it.

“Oh – thank God!” I thought, “The Sony people are so great! They already arranged to have popcorn for us!”

I approached the table so elated to have popcorn – ready to grab a bag.

The man at the desk said “Do you have a phone?”

“Yes.” I answered.

“You need to put it in a bag and leave it here.” he gestured towards the table.

“Wait ….” I looked at the sea of paper bags.

“All of these bags are phones…not popcorn?”

The man looked at me sternly.

“They are phones, and you are not allowed in with a phone.” he answered with the serious delivery that one would associate with Homeland Security….not necessarily a Kevin James flick.

So of course by the time we got in to our seats, with dry throats and empty stomachs, tired and disgruntled, we were not looking forward to the film….

And then….


We literally laughed out loud……many times.

And we rarely laugh at the same stuff.  So big shout-out to the Sony Pictures peeps and Here Comes the Boom.

My rating scale is based on cell phones.

Zero cell phone = not worth leaving your cell phone with sketchy movie theater staff assigned to “phone watch” for 2 hours.

One cell phone = slightly worth the risk of leaving one cell phone with movie theater staff for 2 hours, but could wait for the DVD

Two cell phones= worth putting 2 cell phones in paper bags and leaving with sketchy movie theater staff for 2 hours and potentially not getting important calls from your babysitter

Because this is a perfect date movie – (I laughed and cried if you can believe it.) I am giving this movie TWO CELL PHONES!!!



And now on to my awards.

I have received some awards from other bloggers.  This means so much because it is from my peers! When you all send me messages and like my posts on facebook, and give me comment love telling me how much you enjoyed my blog post, my heart soars, but as Mr. Gaga always says, “Chase doesn’t accept laughs as mortgage payment” – so sometimes it’s nice to get something concrete.

If it can’t be a million dollars – I will gladly take a virtual award in the meantime.

I recently was awarded an Illuminating Blogger Award – from Zannah Brown of Whoa Susannah!  She is a real writer that makes me laugh all the time.  I was so honored to receive this award that as I understand it means that I am a shining star in the blogosphere and I am awesome.

Another award came before that one from Brett Minor at the Transformed Noncomformist.    I am pretty sure this one means that I am a shining star in the blogosphere that is creative and awesome.

He was so kind to give this to me way back in June when I was very excited to be drinking lots of wine, not waking up for the bus and spending my days at the beach so I am finally getting around to doing my duty- which is to link back tot he person giving me the award, answer seven questions, provide random facts about myself and then to give the award to seven other bloggers.  Here goes:

The Questions:

1: What’s your favorite song?

Right now everyone in my house is singing “We are never getting back together,” by Taylor Swift. It’s not my favorite by any stretch – but it’s catchy and it’s in my head.

2: What’s your favorite dessert?

Oh God – it is a real toss-up between cake and ice cream – but I think my heart really belongs to ice cream –and let me tell you all a little secret on this topic.  My foodie friend Marsha told me about Talenti Gelato…….RUN don’t walk to buy this….Chocolate Peanut Butter cup is amazing! Today I just purchased Sea Salt and Caramel….one flavor is better than the next AND they are all natural, hormone free, no high fructose corn syrup deliciousness…..

3: What do you do when you’re upset?

I usually just drive myself and Mr. Gaga crazy thinking the worst.

4: Which is your favourite pet?

We have two little South African frogs that I don’t feed or touch or do anything with.  They are my kind of pets.

5: White bread or whole meal?

I love bread and carbs of all kinds – but I try to do as much whole grain as possible because I am fat and elderly.

6: What’s your biggest fear?

I am afraid of bugs and birds.

7: What’s your attitude most of the time?

I think I am pretty no-nonsense most of the time….which is often mistaken for being an evil bitch….


  1. Mr. Gaga rarely, if ever, thinks I am funny.
  2. I have one tattoo.
  3. I love my book club.
  4. I hate bringing my kids to the bus stop.
  5. The first thing I do in the morning is slather on my eye gel straight out of  the fridge.
  6. My favorite color is black.
  7. I am addicted to the Real Housewives franchise, including Watch What Happens Live.
  8. I am a hypochondriac.
  9. I love having 2 boys and don’t even know what I would do with a girl.
  10. I was in a gifted program when I was young, (it was all downhill from      there.)

Seven Bloggers to Pass Award on to: ( I am giving Brett the Illuminating and Zannah the Kreative)

  1. Whoa Susannah, (formerly known as Write, Rinse, Repeat)  – very smart, her tagline alone will have you LOL’ing
  2. The Transformed Nonconformist -follow this guy for his hilarious tweets alone
  3. Speed Chic – A Connecticut fave of mine
  4. Ava Grace’s Closet – even though she makes me feel like my closet is filled with tumbleweeds and rags – she’s an inspiration:)
  5. Mama Kat’s Losin it – she is amazing and on top of being a creative blogger- she vlogs and looks good doing it
  6. Funny or Snot – She has one of the best comments on my blog ever regarding 50 Shades of Gray
  7. Dishwater Dreams – I could just look at her banner all day
  8. Me as a Mother – Her photos capture motherhood perfectly

Next week I will be back to my usual shenanigans of hating on the neighborhood children and tying my car doors shut with yarn…in the meantime please click on the banner below!!



Ode to Mr. Gaga

I am doing an extra post this week – in honor of Mr. Gaga in response to Mama Kat’s writing prompt. 

The writing prompt is as follows: Share something you’ve learned from your husband about parenting. What makes him good at what he does?

Needless to say after last week’s baseball debacle, I crucified Mr. Gaga.

“How could you put up with that shit?” I implored him as he looked through his mail and ignored me.

“You should bench them if they take shits…..That should be a rule. If you shit your pants….you’re benched.”

He shrugged.

“Heeelllooo???? Are you listening??? You are coaching these kids into little monsters!! Do you think Derek Jeter’s dad would put up with this?”

“They are just little kids and their own parents don’t care – so what can I do?”  he said tossing the mail onto the counter.

“Well – I would never put up with it.”

“Well – I have a lot more patience than you do,” he said on his way out the door to unnecessarily mow the lawn.

*I assume that it was unnecessary because “mowing the lawn” is Mr. Gaga’s go-to move to escape from me for at least an hour and create a situation where he “can’t hear me.”

Anyways – he’s right.  He’s more patient than me – by like ….a hundred gazillion percent.

While I can be found frantically chasing the kids around counting to three and threatening to beat them, he will get much better results by just calmly telling them what to do.

Of course this laid-back attitude can have some downsides, as in giving the kids donuts twice a day for snack when I am at work, starting 5 different LEGO projects and leaving the pieces all over the house, choosing to grab a Quizno’s sandwich for someone who clearly ordered an Italian combo, and so on.

But for the most part – he is a great Dad and husband, and not only has patience for the kids – but is incredibly patient with me.  Nothing I say or do really fazes him (although I think this is often as a result of blatantly ignoring me.)

I can be pretty bitchy – and he deflects like no other.  The other day I was in a little bit of a snippy mood while we were about to get ready for bed.

In case you need a visual – this is pretty much us. A week doesn’t go by when people don’t tell us that we are “Carrie and Doug.”  Although, I am not that skinny and Mr. Gaga is not that fat.

Mr. Gaga took off his shirt and was inspecting himself in the bathroom mirror.  Normally not very hairy – I have noticed in his old age – he has grown some more hair. It’s not much – but let’s just say this is what Mr. Gaga looked like when I met him:

And this is what he looks like now:

I plopped onto bed and picked up my US Weekly and started flipping through, and said casually, “You know – you will probably have to start doing some  “man-scaping” – because I didn’t sign up to be with a hairy man….”

Without missing a beat – he looked at me and said,

“Yeah – well…neither did I and how did that work out?”

What could I do but laugh hysterically?

The trick is – he doesn’t take life too seriously and  I definitely do.

His patience coupled with his ability to be calm and content – inevitably allows him to enjoy life.

Oh – how I wish I could do that. 

How great life would be with no worries.

Being content and stress-free is a quality that I continually strive for to no avail.

Last year – as I was running around the house trying to get ready for work one Saturday, I missed the bottom couple of steps and fell and snapped my ankle. 

I screamed and Mr. Gaga came running down the stairs to rescue me.

I just lay at the bottom of the stairs waiting for Mr. Gaga. I knew he would save me. (And this is what I wear to work…obvi.)

When he picked me up from the heap I was in and realized that I was fine,

he just looked at me and said, “Lady, you have to SLOW down.”

He’s right. 

I am trying.

Happy Father’s Day to Mr. Gaga and to my dad and to any adoring Dad fans that might be reading this….

Also – please click below to vote for this blog before you have to spend the rest of your weekend kissing your husband’s butt…..

XO,  Lady Goo Goo Gaga

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