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Work…the Guilty Pleasure

“Sam was crying today when you didn’t pick him up 😦 “ Text from fellow preschool mother

“Go in my room and get my wallet …. I will give you some money so you can go get milk.” Disgruntled and thirsty 4-year-old

“Sam was so happy today that one of his actual parents picked him up.” Mr. Gaga after he left work to pick Sam up from school

“Mom – you need to buy me new underwear.” disgruntled 6-year-old.

“No – I don’t – I just have to do laundry.” Lady Goo Goo Gaga

“Well we know that’s never going to happen.” disgruntled and naked 6-year-old

These are just some of the pit-in-the-stomach inducing comments I received during the past 2 months while I took on a project for work that had me working essentially full-time.

I juggled, I asked for favors, I bribed babysitters, I got more to-go food, and in the end it worked out……kind of.

I decided to take on the extra hours for a few reasons.

#1 – Money.  Money is good – especially at the holidays. When I am home wiping butts and vacuuming legos – I actually don’t get paid….go figure.

#2 – So I miss a few soccer games where kids are kicking the ball into the wrong net – and birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese……GOOD!!!!

#3 – I have been home – cooking and cleaning and caring for 6 years.  If I have to empty the dishwasher or fold a fitted sheet one more time I am going to gouge out my eyeballs.

#4 – These people aren’t babies….how much do they really need me?

Um…apparently very much.

They cry.

They tell strangers and other mothers, “I’m sad because I miss my Mommy.”

Can you believe it?

Like it’s not stressful enough – I have to hear something so heartbreaking, and then feel like I have to explain my absence to the stranger or preschool mom that they are pouring their hearts out to.

Plus – I can’t really argue  – they are right to miss me.

I have missed practices, Christmas tree parties, dinners, bed-times, games, and birthday parties (THANK YOU JESUS FOR SILVER LININGS.)

I have been tired, frazzled and sad.

Also – of course when I am not working – I have to be spending time with the kids and Mr. Gaga, or catching up on my chores, so any “me” time was out the window.

Not that I would have done anything too leisurely with my spare time – but I basically didn’t even have time to get a manicure or a wax.

It’s hard when your kids are crying that they miss you, the laundry is to the ceiling and there’s no milk  – to make time for your moustache.

It seems downright selfish to think about trivial things like your appearance.

This is me making a quick run to the grocery store....with blatant disregard for my moustache or my camel toe......

Work is slowing down a bit now – so I can go back to my duties as driver, laundress and milk supplier.

Aside from the dreariness of housework – there are some perks.

Let’s be honest.

I can work out.

I can have a coffee in the morning while I check emails or watch Kelly Ripa if I want to.

I can work on projects around the house, I can shop, I can pick a recipe and cook it for dinner- instead of throwing chicken nuggets and carrots sticks at everyone and running out the door.

I can read a book to my children and kiss them goodnight.

Even though I complain  – it’s quite nice being a stay-at-home mom in some ways.

(I will change my mind in about 3 days – Stay tuned next week when I get a full-time job as a garbage man just to escape.)

The fact is – the grass is always greener and it’s never perfect.

One day mothers will come together and say “You know what – motherhood is hard, whether you are home or working.”

Whether I go to work while your home sipping a mimosa watching Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb or I’m sipping a latte at my desk and you are home scrubbing the toilet…’s a struggle.

If you say it’s not… are lying to yourself and others….

There – I said it.


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