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Keep Calm and WIN!! a Tropical Breeze

I am back on the horse   Tropical Breeze!!!

After a series of unfortunate events last week – kept me and my family from enjoying our summer – this weekend things turned around.

Michael got his stitches out so he could go back into the water! And most importantly I received a special gift from the Bestway company.  They are the people that invented the best invention ever!


Remember a couple weeks ago when I described the joy I felt when I was on this Tropical Breeze float that was my friend's?

Remember a couple weeks ago when I described the joy I felt when I was on this Tropical Breeze float that was my friend’s?

Well this wonderful company decided that I should have one of my very own!!!

I received it Saturday afternoon and was very excited to get it into the water on Sunday.

I was not prepared for the hard work it entailed to get this thing blown up!! Thank God for a friend that had a really good “blower-upper” thingy in her garage.


This is not the type of thing you can blow up with your mouth.

It took about an hour and then we were wondering how we would actually get it to the beach.

We tried to put it on top of our car but it didn’t work.

We tried to get a bunch of kids to hold it on two golf carts.  Our plan was to drive both carts very slowly next to each other….that didn’t work either.

tb carts

Finally we just each grabbed a corner and walked it down.

It actually was pretty light and manageable!!

All the hard work paid off.

There is just nothing like floating on the open sea on the Tropical Breeze.


We brought snacks and lunch, and I even brought my book that I have been trying to read for two weeks!!

I kept trying to keep the kids away by kicking at their hands when they would try to get on board….


But ultimately I was a good mother and I let them have a turn with their friends…They were entertained for HOURS!!

kids tb

The most amazing news is that the TROPICAL BREEZE FLOAT PEOPLE want me to give to one of these magical flotation devices to one of you!!!

To enter you need to share and like this post on facebook or twitter.

You can get another entry by commenting below in the comments about how you would utilize the Tropical Breeze and why you NEED or DESERVE the Tropical Breeze!!

You can get another entry by showing me your summer spirit in picture sent to my email or Facebook page.

The winner will be chosen based on need of Tropical Breeze after being reviewed by my private panel of judges and number of entries.  If you like and share more than once on social media that will up your chances to win!!

And to all of my friends and family who think they have the inside connection……Coined by one of my friends as a “BREEZE BRIBE”


Hmmm……I might be bought……




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  1. Kimberlea Chabot

    It would be perfect in our pool! LOL

  2. Working retail can give a girl the summertime sadness. The thing about this T-Breeze is that it will *inflate* my happiness. It will set my dreams *afloat.* You see, I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription… is more TB. A big nice Twisted Tea on a big nice Tropical B is just what the doctor ordered.


    This shit is terrif.
    I would shank a bitch for it.
    Dafuq is my kid?

  3. I NEED this tropical breeze because my husband forces my two daughters and me to go to “camp” every weekend for “family time.” Camp is a campground, with a camper, where he goes fishing for hours at a time leaving me and my two daughters to sit around at the camp site playing cards. There is no playground at the campground, there is no beach at the campground, and there is no pool. However, there is a river that you can’t really swim in BUT you could float in it on the tropical breeze with your wine. This would be an awesome activity for me while spending “family time” with my children while my husband is fishing. Thank you.

  4. I need the tropical breeze for our weekend trips to the lake! As my kids are swimming I am forced to watch from the grassy/dirty shore. This would make it more enjoyable for all but mostly for me 🙂

  5. OMG, I TOTALLY NEED THIS for our annual trips to the lake cabin in NH!!!

    I don’t have social media, but I’ll email you a summer spirit picture!

  6. I definately need this Tropical Breeze! I live in the Northwest where the typical temperatures are very mild…summer time usually lands in the low to mid 70’s. Because of this, people, including myself, do not have air conditioning and not many have boats. This year “El Nino” or “Global Warming” (and all other excuses I have heard) have created a fiery monster of the Seattle area. Our temperatures are out of control in the high 80’s and low 90’s. We don’t know what to do with ourselves to cool down!!
    Once I read your posts…I knew what I needed. I needed to take this down to the lake and find enjoyment in these scorching days. Bask in the glory which is the hot rays and cool water.
    Until Winter, when all the rain comes back…and we look fondly back at our remaining time this summer on the Tropical Breeze…keeping cool and enjoying friends and family while the rest of Seattle fries!

  7. I would definitely propose a Breeze Bribe, if it would win me a much needed and deserved Tropical Breeze, LOL! My current floating oasis does not have the amenities your island of an air filled paradise Breeze features. Ok, so maybe my current oasis has a pillow, but that’s it. It also measures a whopping 2×3 including the pillow and dons the Disney Princesses. As luxurious as this sounds, half the time it’s deflated because the stopper comes out spontaneously so I end up on a chair where everyone can find me 😦 If I had a Tropical Breeze it would be the push I need to finally rent a cottage down the shore. I have never rented as an adult. Yes, gasp Lady! I used to spend time down the shore as a teen when my Dad rented every year and those are priceless memories. I would like to give my kids some priceless summer memories instead of the many fowl mouthed memories I am providing now stuck at home on staycation organizing the garage or whatever other project I get into. However, renting requires work at times. Cleaning, Meal prep, etc. My husband DOES NOT prep meals, ever! And when on vaca, he believes he is the only one on vaca so he would not contribute to any cleaning like he does at home. Soooo, I will need an escape! I will NEED the ability to float away on the Tropical Breeze & leave them to their own devices before, during, and after meal times. At least a couple times. I promise I will buy actual Hot Pocket, Kraft Mac n Cheese, Ellios, etc brand (not store or value brand) for them to quickly and brainlessly prepare in lieu of my absence. No one will starve, there will be no casualties as a result of me winning THE BREEZE. I have an awesome blower-upper already, so I feel it is meant to be 😉

  8. I have a 15 yr old daughter,,,nuf said


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