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Abe Lincoln is kind of a big deal…

So in his honor – it’s only right that I take a week off.

Sam is actually deathly afraid of Abraham Lincoln for some reason.  If he catches a glimpse of him anywhere he shuts his eyes really tight, similar to what most children would do if they saw a monster or Freddy Krueger.



Don’t even try to give him a $5 bill.  He won’t take it.

I have no idea how this started but at a certain point he would have nightmares about Abe.  He would come running into my room in the middle of the night out of breath. Hysterically, he described the horror of running away from several “Abraham Lincolns that were chasing him and trying to kill him.”

We made the mistake of letting him watch Happy Gilmore with his brother and we hadn’t anticipated that it would send him over the edge.

We totally forgot that good old Abe was in Happy Gilmore...

We totally forgot that good old Abe was in Happy Gilmore…

We are trying to think and speak positively about President Lincoln to help Sam conquer his fears.

We found him a used book at an old book store to read and he said it is actually helping him to relate to Abe and have better feelings about him.

This is actually the book from the 1800's that we read regularly as part of his therapy...

This is actually the book from the 1800’s that we read regularly as part of his therapy…


Today when I told him that it was Lincoln’s birthday he stared at me in horror about to burst into tears but stopped himself…

“That’s great!” he forced himself to exclaim.

So while I take a day to celebrate Abe – I am also celebrating my love for Mr. Gaga at a fellow blogger’s site Cuddles and Chaos.  Jen asked me to be a special guest blogger to talk about love!!

Who am I during the week of Valentine’s Day to turn down an opportunity to speak about how Mr. Gaga and I fell in love?

You can read the post on her site titled: LOVE AT THIRD SIGHT.




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  1. Fear of Abraham Lincoln is the greatest thing I’ve ever heard!

  2. OMG, I am laughing out loud. This is the funniest thing I’ve hear in a long time. I guess honest Abe is kind of scary looking on that $5 bill! Your son’s dream is hysterical. Thank you so much for the laugh this morning. Hopefully he’ll have a good laugh over this someday!

  3. That is really freakin funny. And it also reminds me of the time years ago when we were in an elevator with my little brother. A Hasidic guy got on. My brother got very serious and quiet and when the guy left he said “Guys! Did you see that?! It was ABRAHAM LINCOLN!!!” He will never live that one down.

  4. wow, my 9-year-old daughter LOVES abe. we went to DC last summer and she was obsessed with all things Lincoln.

    btw, I wish you would post everyday. I miss your words

  5. Too funny! I also love your love story!


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