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My New Year’s Revolution

Sam calls them “New Year’s Revolutions” which I think is good because it is less about being resolute in something and more about coming full circle as revolving items do.

I started this blog in 2011 as a way to get myself back into writing.

You guys won’t believe this, but usually I am completely fried and crazy during the week and sometime around 2-3 PM on most Sundays I say to Mr. Gaga “Oh shit – what should I blog about?”

He usually grunts and ignores me and then at dinner on Sunday I ask the kids “Ok, you guys – what happened this week? What should I blog about?”


They usually say “You should blog about legos!” or “A kid in my class picks his nose.”

They ALWAYS say “You should blog about how you have nothing to blog about!!!!” (which is a valid point – and is quite what this post is about now that I think of it.)

I clean up dinner, Mr. Gaga does Sunday night “get the kids to bed” and it’s just me and the lonely blank screen of the computer.

That’s how I roll, and it usually works out – but it’s a lot of pressure.

At a certain point in the spring of 2013 I was sick of it all and I said to Mr. Gaga, “I think I should stop blogging….it’s too much.”

In his usual supportive way he said, “Yes. You should.”

For some reason I didn’t.

Then I did a couple of blogs about Disney World and so many of you commented and read, I got re-inspired.

“I can’t stop blogging!!! I have to report back to people about all of the huge beverages in Disney World!!” I told Mr. Gaga.

I coasted through the summer and then my Pottery Barn blog went viral and I realized that my voice is important in this world of modern-day motherhood.  When mothers message me that they spit out their morning coffee on Monday morning from laughing so hard – it just makes the Sunday night stress all worthwhile.

But my New Year’s “revolution” is to love my blog a little more.

“Real Bloggers” spend part of each day dedicated to writing and cultivating their blog and I give poor Lady Goo Goo Gaga just a couple of measly hours on Sunday night.

Lady G deserves more.

At the end of the year – WordPress (who hosts this site) gives a report for your annual statistics.  They reported that people in 173 countries read this blog this year!

“I didn’t even know that there were 173 countries in the world!” I said to Mr. Gaga excitedly.

“Hmm, do any of those countries publish books?” he responded while watching his football game.

He has a point.

I started this blog to get into the practice of writing and to have a following and some substantial pieces to present when I go try to get my book published.

That was in 2011.

Also – the report said that so many people read this blog that if my blog was an exhibit at the Louvre in Paris – (based on the number of people that go in and out of the Louvre daily) I could hold my exhibit for 12 days!!

“Twelve days at the Louvre!!! I am like totally famous!!!”

“You are? Does an imaginary Louvre exhibits mean that you have enough money to take over all of the bills?” Mr. Gaga responded.


It’s not imaginary! I see no reason why my “wrecking ball Elf” and my “Pottery Barn lunchbox post” cannot be on display!!

Mr. Gaga’s negativity aside, one of my New Year’s “revolutions” is to be more organized and try to get my shit together for a LADY GOO GOO GAGA BESTSELLER!!!

Trust me – Mr. Gaga will be happy.

I am so thankful for all of your support and comments each week!! Your loyal readership makes each week better and better!!

Here’s to a great 2014!! XO, Lady goo goo gaga



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  1. I learned the same in 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013, since I started My Blog Can Beat Up Your Blog.

    I never thought I’d write two books, but the experience I gained from writing everyday led to that.

    Also, it’s allowed me to meet like minded people like you, Lady G. Keep writing, dude.

  2. Keep up your great blog, Laydee. Full of great information & wonderful writing, and very funny. Love to read it every Sunday. Love You, Laydee!!!!!

  3. I am glad you are not giving it up – I look forward to my Sunday night laugh. 🙂

  4. Please don’t give up writing your blog! I look forward to reading it each week and often share it with my husband. You have an amazing way of conveying what many of us are thinking. It’s nice to know that I am not alone juggling work, kids and life while maintaining a sense of humor!!! Keep it up!!! I would buy your book.

  5. I too stare blankly at my laptop screen for hours before I come up with something. I’ve been thinking about making a blog calendar so I don’t have to wing it all the time LOL

  6. Please don’t give up! I love reading your blog, as most of the time it represents exactly how I feel about a subject! I look forward to reading you each week, and am with the others that say they would buy your book..because we all know it would be hilarious!

  7. LOL! OK…do we have the same husband? Seriously. Both of them sound SO supportive and all….

  8. vitatrain4life

    I loved that report too!
    My husband sounds exactly like yours…

  9. I have to tell you I usually don’t comment on blogs but you are refreshingly hilarious and make the madness of mothering so much more fun. I won’t tell you where I live but let’s just say I am on the other coast bombarded by the crazy people too. I feel like you say what I am often thinking in my head (and give me license to think what I’m thinking) and thank you for that! Your writing is intelligent, witty and wonderfully wicked. Keep it up!


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