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Angry legos are destroying childhood

We are at the bitter end of summer.

There are a few more days of freedom.

A few more nights of drinking wine and eating late dinners under the stars while the kids ride their bikes and eat ice creams at ungodly hours.

When school starts it’s back to reality.
Back to driving children around to various practices, lessons, and birthday parties. Back to being surrounded by annoying parents that hover over their children making sure that their lives are perfect.

Even though a couple of weeks ago I said I was dreading making lunches the most…in actuality I hate helicopter parenting more than lunches.

My biggest gripe with helicopter parents is that I just don’t know how they have so much time. They spend their days scurrying about making sure that their children do not experience anything unpleasant.

I don’t understand why I barely have time to clean my house and do the laundry, yet they magically have time to worry themselves over nonsense.

They run around making sure that their kid’s dolls don’t look like whores, that their kid’s sandwiches look like daisies and that their children believe that they won in sports even when they are big fat losers.

In the latest show of insane American parenting, I was recently greeted with a disturbing article about Legos.


Apparently, studies have been done and the fact that Lego guys sometimes have frowny faces can possibly cause tension or aggression in children.  Parents are upset by this latest revelation.

I have two boys who are obsessed with Legos.

There’s not one room of my house that doesn’t have some little brick in it.  I have spent many mornings cursing the Lego Corporation after stepping on legos in my bare feet.

They are a pain in the ass to clean up and keep organized and until I had my trusty Bissell, I would accidentally vacuum them up.

I totally get how Legos can be annoying.

But to be upset because the Lego guys are in bad moods? Really?

First of all let’s get something straight. Legos occupy my children for hours and hours on end. I don’t give two flying shits what their facial expression is. I don’t care if the Lego guy is giving the finger…as long as they are playing and not bothering me.

Apparently, parents would like the Lego guys to be in good moods and be pleasant, smiling, law-abiding citizens.  Well what will that teach children?  Is it a good lesson for kids to believe that everyone is just going to be super-smiley and happy all the time?

Sometimes people are miserable assholes…and apparently so are legos.

Sorry kids - everyone can't be smiling astronauts, knights and lesbians all the time....

Sorry kids – everyone can’t be smiling astronauts, knights and lesbians all the time….

Also, has anyone taken a little gander at dolls lately?


They can sell a little panda with this doll all they want – it won’t change the fact that she is extremely angry and unpleasant to be around.

Why is it ok for the dolls today to be raging whores with attitude problems and the lego guys can’t be a little rough around the edges??

Guess what everybody…..there’s a lot going on these days.

There’s some stuff in this world that could make even the happiest of people have a frown.

That’s life!

Sometimes life sucks.  Sometimes people make a bad face.

Some people are dicks and apparently so are Lego guys.

Maybe this guy is perfectly nice...Who are we to judge?

Maybe this guy is perfectly nice…Who are we to judge?

Like I have said many times before….can’t we all find something else to do or be upset about?
Overprotective parents and overzealous researchers should turn their attentions to important matters and just face reality.

It’s not a big deal….it’s just that like them, some Legos are just assholes.



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  2. My son loves Lego as well and likes the different faces. I seriously doubt the frowny Lego people have scarred his psyche. Me yelling at him — maybe — grumpy Lego men — not so much. Great article.

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  4. I’m about to be a parent (just a month and a week away, or so!) and me and my wife love LEGO. We love it so much we are pedantic about how it’s written, as you may have already noticed. Anyway, in addition to that I am concerned with what my children will be playing with as they grow up.
    I would say this, first. You have time to write a blog. I think most likely they use that same sort of time to be concerned about this stuff. After all, you had time to tell the world your feelings on the matter. At least, that’s my guess.
    Anyway, back to the point. My wife doesn’t care for the new Friends sets, concerned that they are poor models of females (though she has now found some exceptions). There is also a certain level of… xenophobia in many LEGO sets. You see the yellow guys go to the bottom of the sea, kill squid and shark humanoids and steal their treasure… you see them as space police- none of the ‘aliens’ are police, and no yellow guys are bad guys. It’s a bit troublesome. But, I think that whatever the case, if you play with your kids and use them to explain issues (for instance when they play with the cop ask ‘how do you know the alien is a bad guy?’) or even ask ‘why is this guy mad and not happy (since few angry heads aren’t dual sided with a happy on the other), I think the whole thing can be quite positive.
    Anywho, my two cents on it.

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