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An explanation of this blog

I went to school in New York, met Mr. Gaga and aspired to live in New York forever.  I love it there. I love the people.  Some of my most favorite people I have met and some of my best friends are from New York.

I love to walk down the streets of New York city and not speak to or make eye contact with a soul.

I mean is there anything more fabulous than this?  She is totally not smiling or saying "hi" to anyone....LOVE.

I mean is there anything more fabulous than this? By the way she is totally not smiling or saying “hi” to anyone….That’s my dream.

Things don’t always work out the way you think.  When I ended up back in Connecticut in the very suburb of Hartford where I was subjected to rude entitled assholes at my private highschool, I was a little bitter.

I was a little bit negative, but it was fine because I just worked a lot and we would go to New York  to visit friend when we could, we didn’t really speak to anyone in our neighborhood and just kept to ourselves.

When I came a mother almost eight years ago I had to start interacting with human beings.  I wasn’t used to making small talk with strangers.  I quickly realized that the rude entitled assholes were now the people I had to interact with at the library and at the park.

One day in particular I remember I was at the library with my 2-year-old and he was having a hard time getting along with another 2-year-old. Something about them not sharing a toy or something equally as benign.

Finally the mother of the other two-year-old stood up in the crowd of mothers and children and pointed at me and my son and screamed, “You know he is a very bad child!! He is a very very bad person!” and stormed out.

When you regularly encounter insane lunatics and you are already exhausted and your tits are stretched out like silly putty, there comes a point when enough is enough.

Soon after my neighbor, Fran Drescher tricked me into having a playdate with her son, and I realized that I needed to start writing this shit down.

Today’s parents are often a bit older and “wiser.”  They have read 500 books on parenting, they have plastered their belly and framed it, they have created a baby room fit for Suri Cruise, they have vowed to breast feed for 2 years and give birth naturally in a tub of water in their bedroom…etc. etc.

A lot of parents today are in MY OPINION a little bit overbearing, a little bit overprotective, a little bit weird…..

In MY OPINION, some of today’s children as a result are whacked out, insecure, and a little bit weird…..

I DECIDED to start an ANONYMOUS BLOG to write about some of the encounters that I have with today’s parent’s and their children in my town of very educated, affluent people and their very strange in ridiculous behaviors.

MY STORIES are told with sarcasm and humor.  I make fun of lots of people.

Nobody is safe.  I make fun of my husband, my mother, friends, and myself.  I make fun of my neighbors, teachers, my in-laws and the PTO.


Listen – I know this is not everyone’s cup of tea.

I know that I call kids ass-hats and I make fun of the church, and innocent cartoon characters and make fun of fat people who drink sodas the size of my house, and that maybe that could be considered offensive.

I would just like to let everyone know that hasn’t figured it out – that I do love my children. I even find some other children I encounter mildly tolerable, and I have tons of friends and family and people who I work with that I thoroughly enjoy.

The major thing about me is that I just like to laugh.

I think everyone should LIGHTEN UP!

My first comments to come in that were a little bit contrary on this blog were of course in defense of the all-mighty BEYONCE KNOWLES, when I wrote a piece that just poked fun at her diva-like ways as she approached her due date.

When I suggested that JayZ would be out with Rihanna while Beyonce was home rubbing lanolin on her nipples, some people found this to be very "bitter and negative."

When I suggested that JayZ would be out with Rihanna while Beyonce was home rubbing lanolin on her nipples, some people found this to be very “bitter and negative.”

People got very upset with me, and it was hard for me to pick just one comment..if you have time to laugh at crazy people go back and read the comments but here’s a piece from a comment from a reader called Jayna.

“….as I read on, I think – wow, bitter, mean and nasty much?  In it’s entirety, this is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read….Instead of writing this diatribe of garbage and negativity under a thin veil of humor and wit (or an attempt of) – why don’t you focus your energy on creating and fostering positivity with your humor.”

Oh Jayna – because I don’t want to.  Because Jayna to be honest, that would be really fucking boring and stupid.

Recently I got some interesting comments regarding the whining, crying baseball players on my kids’ teams. 

“Wow, ..Did you ever stop to wonder WHY the 8-year-old player needed his mother to walk him to the plate? Not everyone has children as perfect as yours apparently are..”

Well, yes, actually I did stop and wonder about that.  The answer is the kid is an entitled asshole that didn’t get to play the position he wanted and then his overindulging mother dragged him onto the field and forced him to play the position chosen by his coach.

Also, if you think that I think my kids are perfect then you have totally missed the point of this blog.

And then this week I got some outraged readers regarding my post about Disney World….  One guy wrote a page long comment arguing with everything I said in the post.

Here’s an excerpt regarding the fact that I wanted to throw up when two oversized people were basically having sex in line in front of me and the kids for an hour while in line for a ride.

nyc2theworld (@nyc2theworld) | June 6, 2013 at 4:20 pm |

“Again, why do you care how happy they are and they are sharing a kiss?  Are kisses not allowed in front of children?…Vacations tend to make people happy, except you…clearly….So to sum up, stay out of other people’s vacation unless you have something nice to say….”

UM….NO I won’t ever only say nice things on MY BLOG !! ARE YOU INSANE??? It wasn’t “other people’s vacations!” it was MY VACATION and I CAN BLOG ABOUT IT!!!


Yes, kisses are allowed in front of children…but excuse me if it makes us want to vomit when said kissers are making out for hours an inch away from me, and said kissers each have huge muffin tops hanging out of their shorts that are also cutting off the circulation to their vagina….




Anyone who is offended by my frank outlook on things can surely find pleasure by reading mom blogs that talks about being blessed and eating placenta dust and teach you how to make your own baby food.

In the meantime I will be over here calling things as I see them;)





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  1. Hahaha! Keep at it Sista! You crack me up!

  2. Personally, I think you’re amazing and wish I could hang with you and rag on people. I got a comment yesterday that said I wasn’t funny, but I was stupid. To which I replied, “Well, fuck you. Fuck you very much.” Keep on keepin on. I’ll be readin and agreein.

  3. Lady G, I don’t always comment, but I do read. I am so tired of opinionated assholes. The comment that gets me the most is, “Get over yourself!” No, I most certainly will not get over myself. I am a blogger, and as a blogger I think I have something to say that people want to hear. So if you don’t want to hear it, click the x and move on, or write your own blog. I get it. I know you love your kids. But you’re funny, too, and I like hearing what you have to say because I can’t personally be that funny. So, go you for speaking our against the crazy trolls. You just keep doing what you’re doing. 🙂

  4. keep up the GREAT work! you are hilarious.

  5. When I first met you in 7th Grade, I thought, “Wow- this girl is kind of mean, and also possibly the funniest person I’ve ever met!” and of course we instantly became best friends and here we are 25 years later!! Obviously there are people out there who wont appreciate or get your sense of humor, but thankfully there are LOTS of us who do!!! Keep it up! xoxo

  6. True comedy is funny because it’s based on the TRUTH!! “Perfect” isn’t REAL!
    You are preachin’ the truth, sistah girl! Keep on keepin’ on……YOU ROCK!

  7. Some people just cannot take the truth. Soda makes you fat, some kids have becoming extremely lazy whining and annoying and yes Disney world is not the happiest place on earth. Keep up the truth sista and screw anyone who can’t handle it!

  8. Look forward to your blog every week:-)

  9. I love your blog, and I love your honesty. You say what we all are thinking…and it often helps me validate my thoughts about all the crazies (parents, kids, husbands, neighbors, etc.) that are out there. When I find myself wondering what the hell have I gotten myself into as a suburban make me feel less alone! Keep it real & hilarious!

  10. Great Blog Laydee…..Keep it up! Really, there are so other things in life to get upset about!!!! Maybe, some people, just do not have a real sense of humor and do not like to laugh. You really did not offend anyone. Reall, Been to Disney 3 times & if I never saw`Mickey, The Princesses etc, I would be very happy. Great for kids but once is enough!

  11. Too funny! I love NYC (and not talking), too!
    I’m visiting today from Mingle Monday. I’m following you and would luv a follow back!
    ~ Megin of VMG206 Google Friend Connect
    Follow on Bloglovin
    Join me for Link Up Parties on Tuesday and Sunday.

  12. I love your blog! Especially this post and the one about lunch boxes.

    I wrote a blog yesterday making fun of my tenant, and am considering one about my neighbor. I’m sure my neighbor doesn’t know the difference between a blog and a frog, but it still makes me nervous sometimes. Thanks to you, I feel better about talking shit on my blog for the sake of a laugh.


  13. Perfect rebuttal, and I like what someone said earlier, “Fuck you very much!” Some people really need to learn to lighten up. I’ve know you for over 17 years and when I first met you I thought, “This one’s got a few screws loose,” (and I know you thought the same of me!). Over time, though, your ‘craziness’ has blossomed and you are nothing short of entertaining! This is why blogging is clearly your thing. Keep up the truth and fuck all who can’t handle it!

  14. Hey Soul Sister, I just sent the following email to a colleague and to share your blog with her. I was bored at work and decided to google “stollers at Disney” and found your blog. Love it. Here the email I sent from one 50 yr old mom to another regard WDW: “I am still recuperating from our nice trip but dealing with some anger management issues for having paid so much for admission tickets only to be accosted by strollers larger than Buicks all day in the parks and the parents piloting them. My 19 year-old daughter, her friend that works there, Lizzie, and I were discussing that there really should be a “no one under age 5 admitted” rule for the parks. Little kids are tired, hot, need naps, feedings, diaper changes, etc., will not remember Mickey or the trip in general and are overall – miserable. Dodging these walls of families all day leads to a strange form of PTSD I can’t quite describe. The over-enthusiastic moms coupled with near-suicidal dads is a strange social dynamic that is surely unique to the American amusement park experience.”

    Hope you’re still blogging! My sister is a rich New Yorker and the lifestyle there is both great and strange. Keep writing!


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