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If you liked it than you shoulda put a pin in it….

After ranting about all the summer events I don’t want to go to last week, God cursed me with a 95 degree day for Sam’s birthday party on Friday night.

Remember when kids’ parties were just in someone’s backyard with cone hats and pin the tail on the donkey?

Those days are over.

Two people leading up to Sam’s birthday party actually asked what the “theme” of the party was.  It used to be that the theme would be “turning 6” but apparently in the age of Pinterest that is no longer acceptable.

Luckily this party had a theme as to not disappoint and it was Scooby Doo.

We planned a Scooby Doo mystery where the kids would have to complete tasks to get clues which would lead them to find whoever stole all of Sam’s gifts.

We changed some of the activities to involve the sprinkler and water balloons since it was so hot.

I worked for a half hour filling up water balloons while Mr. Gaga was getting the kids off of the bus.  Sweat literally was pouring down my face.

When he came back he jumped a little when he looked at me.

“Are you going to take a shower?” he asked with horror.

I looked in the mirror to find a sweaty, weathered old woman with black makeup running down her face.

Nothing says "Happy Birthda" more than a mom that looks like a crystal meth addict....

Nothing says “Happy Birthday” more than a mom that looks like a crystal meth addict….

I quickly showered so I wouldn’t frighten the children.

Thank God I had a bounce house to keep the kids occupied and distracted from the weather.


And since I signed up for Pinterest, I have learned all sorts of crafty ways to host a child’s party.

So I had photo props…


and we created a backdrop for the photos….


We served pizza and scooby snacks….


We hired the ice cream man to arrive after dinner and Sam got to work the ice cream truck and hand out ice creams.

Then we sang and had Scooby Doo cupcakes….


After more bouncing and sweating the party was over.

I gave each child a Scooby Doo movie as a parting gift….


Also after the whole Star Wars cookie debacle I felt very certain that I could produce something totally fantastic in the cookie department.

I mean - how hard could this be??

I mean – how hard could this be??

I worked diligently to create dog bone cookies with each child’s name on it and thought the end result wasn’t exactly like the picture I pinned but still decent.

My “friend” Martha who thinks she’s perfect     said to her daughter “Oh..I think this is supposed to be your name! It looks like scribbles…”

SORRY!! Martha everything isn’t always as easy as it seems on PINTEREST!!! 


And finally it was time to have a stiff cocktail.  Thankfully one of the moms at the party was kind enough to introduce me to a new and exciting beverage.


I know I am the last to know about this but it is amazing!

Apparently now I drink whisky.

I am pinning images from this post on Pinterest this week.  I have finally learned how to use and enjoy Pinterest.

To kick off the summer I have created a board of summer to-do’s.

If I can squeeze in some pampering I am totally getting this…I saw a girl with it the other day and it was soo cute!!!


I love stuffed zucchini and I want to try to make it this summer, this turkey sausage recipe caught my eye…


I wasn’t aware that one can grill pound cake.   Whoever thought of that is surely a genius.  I am totally going to be doing that this summer…..


Um….hello smore’s sandwich on grilled poundcake…I love you already…..


And I think I am kind of sick of wine…I think I am kind of loving hard liquor these days…Frozen with lemonade…..Yes please.


And of course there’s nothing better than strawberry basil martinis on a hot morning afternoon…….


And then of course after all of this consumption I need to do a little excercising….

Oh how I despise this woman....

Oh how I despise this woman….and her inappropriate ankle tattoo and her adam’s apple…but she sure does know how to make people skinny….




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  1. OH MY GOSH…you rocked that party. My kids have friends, pizza, cake, and juice boxes for their birthday parties. You wouldn’t mind coming and planning/carrying out the next one, would you? Thaaaaaanks. 🙂 Oh, and I am a Jillian fanatic. She’s tough, but she does teach you all the right moves to shape up and feel great! Now I sound like a commercial, don’t I…

  2. The title of this post made me laugh! Your party stuff looked and sounded way fun for the kids! And now, because of the toes and the sausage (not to be confused with sausage toes), I had to go and create a food board and beauty board on pinterest just so I could pin them. Like I needed more boards to spend time filling up. So thanks.

  3. Oh Lady, yet again I sit here laughing out loud! My husband thinks I’m crazy b/c I have to read him all of your posts to prove how parallel our lives are! ( he does laugh knowing it’s all too familiar). Thanks again for the laughs ( oh and as I passed by the Colt building after the Science center last week, I was tempted to tell my 7 year about his new school… How long is the wait list?! ) Until next week…

  4. My daughter had a Scooby Doo party a few years ago. We had a scooby cake and my daughter wore a monogrammed scooby outfit I bought on etsy. That was it. No back drop or props or scooby snacks, so I say well done lady! And I’m not on pinterest. Thankfully no because I’d be eating grilled poundcake and drinking hard liquor all summer.

  5. i am totally impressed with your scooby doo party!! really. great job! and i’m so having that smores poundcake and a lemonade vodka! Yum. okay, maybe not together.

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