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One more favorite thing….

Sunday I published a list of a few of my favorite things, but I forgot one!

Anything where I have a starring role is of course one of my faves….so I have to mention that I have been published in a collection of stories/E-Book called No Laughing Allowed .

This is part of an online series calledLife Well Blogged”  and you can actually purchase it on Amazon!! 

So when you are trying to avoid talking to other mothers while are picking up your kids at Mad Science and you are pretending to read very important emails on your phone…you can really be reading funny mom stories.

A portion of the proceeds from the book will go to Storm Sandy relief…’s a win-win.

Also don’t forget to like me on Facebook or sign up for my tweets to enter to win a Laura Mercier Caviar Stick which normally retails for $24 and will help you to look beautiful and trendy while you are ignoring all the other mothers….

Happy Holidays!!




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  1. That is awesome news! What post was in the book??

  2. Hey, so cool, I’m in the book too- Chapter 5. I haven’t had the chance to read all the entries.
    And you know I love me some makeup and I like you on Facebook and Twitter already, so just go on and send it to me. Thanks!!

  3. congrats on you e-book.
    –i love that part of the proceeds will go to Sandy. xx

  4. Whew. I thought I was the only one trying to ignore all the other mother’s! Lol


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