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Busses filled with Douche Canoes and other problems in America

When did kids turn into fucking assholes?

I think most children are born into this world as human beings that can be molded and shaped into good people, because most humans are inherently good.

I believe that children only turn evil and stupid because of their environment and their bad, bad parents.

I am certainly not the best parent and my kids are not the best kids, but I at least teach them basic MANNERS and difference between right and wrong!

For example – poking an adult’s stomach and calling her fat would be considered BAD!!!

So not only are the children in this world being tortured by bullies, but now children are bullying adults??!!!  WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING?

Are the kids in this country so troubled and angry and ignorant that they don’t even know enough to not call an adult “fat?”  If you haven’t heard about how 4 middle school children tortured and bullied an older woman who was on a bus with them as a bus monitor, click here for the horrific story:

I can distinctly remember the kids in my elementary school, my neighborhood and on my bus that were jerks.  There were like 3 in my whole childhood that I can vividly remember and they were deeply troubled.  One boy I remember, Tony Bizzuto used to eat dirt on the playground and later went to jail.

Today there are so many wretched, ill-mannered children that  I find it rare and refreshing when a child is friendly and nice.


Is it because nobody yells at their kids? Is it because everyone coddles their children and lets them cry and shit their pants during their baseball games?

Is it because all the kids do is play video games and they don’t know how to interact socially with others?

Today children are just rude, obnoxious and entitled.

How many times have you seen a child behave like a complete jerk and his or her parents say or do nothing in response?

When I was young if someone started being rude and disrespectful to an adult on the bus, we would all wait in silence to watch him or her get in trouble.

We would NEVER!!!! join in!!! The thought would never cross my mind to join in whatever bad behavior Tony Bizzuto was doing!  NEVER!!!!

I can’t say I am too surprised since I see children in preschool and 1st grade who have horrific social skills, zero manners, are unruly and disobedient, and do not respond appropriately towards other children.

I can only imagine what these little assholes will be like by the time they get to middle school.

Just today, my kids were wandering the beach while I sat reading my US Weekly. (my all-time favorite activity….this is what all good mothers should do with their leisure time!)

I saw my son Michael go up to the boardwalk and started talking to two children he had never met.

Sam walked away and headed back towards me.

“Michael is talking to those 2 kids.” he said with exasperation.

“Yeah – so…what’s he talking about?” I asked, not looking up from a riveting story that Tom Cruise’s publicist put together about how much everyone loves working Tom Cruise.

“Well…Michael is talking about foxes….but the kids aren’t answering him.”

I quickly looked up at the boardwalk and saw Michael walking away from the boys with his head down. My heart broke for him.

I knew he was probably talking about the fox that shows up in my parent’s yard all the time, and I knew that these boys, like so many children these days, just ignored him.

I cannot tell you how many times my children have tried to engage or talk with other children and the kids literally will not even respond at all.

Leaving school, the bus stop, parks, anywhere where Michael and Sam might see someone they know, they are quick to throw up their hand in a wave and shout “Bye Jeffrey!” or “Hi Ethan!”

In response……blank stares and silence.

This happens ALL THE TIME!

When Michael made is way down to me, I asked, “Were those kids talking to you?”

“No.” he said quietly.

“You were telling them about the fox?”


“And they didn’t answer you?”

“Have Sam tell you….”he said quietly as he walked towards the water.

What I really wanted to do was go up to the boardwalk and beat the shit out of those 2 losers.

You two douche bags better go listen to Michael’s very interesting story about a fox right now!!!

I grabbed him and told him what I have said so many times before,

“Michael, sometimes kids have no manners, and it has nothing to do with you. Their parents have no manners either so they don’t teach their kids how to behave and they are horrible people.  You know there are lots of horrible children that you know…like Adrian and Whiney.”

“Yeah – I know, I don’t even care.” he shrugged and jumped in the water.

Thankfully – I actually think he truly doesn’t care, which is wonderful, because I don’t want him to stop being himself.  I don’t want him to feel weird or subconscious about randomly going up to a stranger and opening up a conversation about a fox. (Although – let’s face it, if he wasn’t 6 – that could be considered a little weird.)

Thankfully, I don’t particularly care for most children – so I am quick to point out when children we interact with have devil-like tendencies.

“Mom – can Tyler come over?”



“Because he goes into all my cabinets and takes food without asking and doesn’t say thank you. He is very rude and you don’t need horrible people like that in your life.” I say.

Without skipping a beat – “Hhmm, ok – how about Johnny?” they will answer.

I have drilled it into them that horrible behavior is not to be tolerated.  I have pointed out many children as being rude and disrespectful, I can only hope as they grow and truly start to pick their friends they are able to find a couple of individuals who are kind and respectful.

Does anyone know where we can find children like that?



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  1. I had kids who tortured me in school. My mother went up to the school psychiatrist and told him she wanted to see the kids in the grill of her jeep……needless to say that didn’t go over well but guess what…one’s a creepy goth and the other was a teen mom…serves them right!

  2. Thank God for your candor!! It pisses me off to no end how much assholes kids can be.
    When my daughter was 4 and I would set up play dates with the neighbor girl, also 4, my daughter would show up enthusiastic and happy to play. Thinking of whether it was going to be Polly Pockets or My Little Pony or maybe American girl, but excited to get to play with someone. Anyone. She’d play with a stump if it played WITH her. She loved to play. We show up and the little girl goes, “I don’t WANT to play with YOU.” in this impetuous little snot voice and goes on the stairs to pout. Her mom says, “Oh, Zoe, that’s not nice, we play with our guests.” In her mom’s little sing-songy nice voice. I think this went on for some time. Like a stand off and then we just left. The girl pulled this shit all the time. Like a game. I would’ve just put her in a time out or head lock so fast it would have made her spin. Not this mom. GRRRR. To this day, 8 years later, that girl is such a little bitch and my daughter wants nothing to do with her.
    So there you go. Apparently I need to write my own blog on asshole kids because I just filled up an entire paragraph in your comments section! Loved your post, if you couldn’t tell. 😉

  3. I don’t even know how to put into words how much some of these kids piss me off. I got into a little girl’s face at the pool the other day for telling my son to go away. And I seriously hoped she’d tell her mom so I could see who this lady was. If I ever catch my kids acting like that toward someone else, they won’t see daylight for a long, long time.

  4. As you know, I concur 3000 percent. Little Assholes. Great post!!!!!!!

  5. Well, I put “as you know” in my first comment because I could have sworn you left a comment on my post about this last week, but I guess I was wrong or just delusional because I don’t see it now. Here’s my take on these little punks…

  6. You’re not the only one who thinks that bus monitor story is horrible. Someone set up a fundraiser online to send the lady on a vacation. Their goal was $5,000 (she makes $15,000/yr). Last I heard, total raised was $700,000 and counting!! It’s basically a big F you to those kids and to let that lady know that she didn’t deserve that treatment.

  7. Ah I love it. We have this type conversation at home all the time. My kids have been taught to be polite, answer people, respect adults, etc. SO many others aren’t. It actually offends my kids how rude others are. The worst is, if you call a kid on their crappy behavior, they either are more rude (hello eye rolling, my parents would have beat the shit out of me if I ever did that to an adult, deserved or not!) or their parents step in and get all pissy. If you taught your kid manners, I wouldn’t have to ask him or her to stop throwing stones at my house or going through my refrigerator. I don’t let my kids have rude ones over either, and if they ask why (which is another rudeness I get all the time), I tell them. Don’t like it? Change your behavior or go home.

  8. Amen to that. People seem to forget what’s truly important these days. Well mannered kids and US magazine. Sheesh.

  9. Your blog should be in every paper across the U.S. Wake up mothers or God help us with the next generation.

  10. Some kids today are just assholes because they are being raised ad disciplined my assholes. Their is no accountability anymore some parents like to blame everyone else but do not check their backyard. We have becomes a society that is scared to discipline their children because we care too much about what people think. Sometimes time out just does not cut it!

  11. I hate entitled, rude little kids too. Babies are perfect and full of potential and then they get shitty parents and turn into assholes (like said parent). It makes me sad.

  12. The bus monitor who was bullied is the clearest example of why kids are little shits today. This lady (I don’t care how old) was paid to monitor and control kids on the bus. What did she do? She ignored the little shits. She should have stood up, told them off, and took names. If she is afraid of 13 year olds she should quit and let someone who can stand up to the brats do her job. Unfortunatly the schools are usually afraid to tell parents their kids suck so the monitor may not have had the school cover her back.

    BTW- What about the fox? tell Michael I would love to hear about it!

    cranky old man

  13. Kids are just mimicking their horrid parents!!! Like the grocery store line where there are 10 people cutting each other and switching lines just to all be done at the same time. If kids are seeing those behaviors, I have no clue why people question that kids behave the same in school. Their parents are pushy, nasty bullies and the kids are the same. For instance, I had a woman give me the finger getting on to the highway because I wouldn’t cut across a lane of traffic(for fear of hitting the pedestrian walking accross the street!!! UNREASONABLE excuse, I know) Anyway, we proceed to get on the highway where she flashes her middle finger at me and my two young kids!!! Wellllll, ain’t that a bitch we then sit in bumper to bumper traffic side by side. After mouthing to her that she was crazy, I used my children to make her feel as small as possible. I rolled down the back windows of the car, and had my boys smile and wave, ALOT!!!! Maybe not the best choice on my part but it was the best way to get back at her. How dare this “douch canoe” act like that towards me, my kids or anybody!! Get over it, and I think with all that smiling and waving, she may have felt about the size of a 2 year old. Hopefully!!!

    Keep it coming Lady!!

  14. Let me know if you find well-behaved children. My 22-month-old has already encountered a ton of children with no social skills or manners. This is the generation of entitlement and what happens when parents focus more on self-esteem (although important) than social skills, manners and morals.

  15. “Hipster parenting.”

  16. this was awsome!! i’ve been reading them for days now. and i will continue reading your other posts.

  17. I tell my kids all the time “You can be friends with him in school. Like him and be kind to him. But that little fucker is not coming into this house. I don’t like him and I don’t like his mother. Maybe when he gets older and stops acting like a shit, I’ll reconsider” {I may not use those exact words…it depends on if the conversation happens during coffee or wine }


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