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Work…the Guilty Pleasure

“Sam was crying today when you didn’t pick him up 😦 “ Text from fellow preschool mother

“Go in my room and get my wallet …. I will give you some money so you can go get milk.” Disgruntled and thirsty 4-year-old

“Sam was so happy today that one of his actual parents picked him up.” Mr. Gaga after he left work to pick Sam up from school

“Mom – you need to buy me new underwear.” disgruntled 6-year-old.

“No – I don’t – I just have to do laundry.” Lady Goo Goo Gaga

“Well we know that’s never going to happen.” disgruntled and naked 6-year-old

These are just some of the pit-in-the-stomach inducing comments I received during the past 2 months while I took on a project for work that had me working essentially full-time.

I juggled, I asked for favors, I bribed babysitters, I got more to-go food, and in the end it worked out……kind of.

I decided to take on the extra hours for a few reasons.

#1 – Money.  Money is good – especially at the holidays. When I am home wiping butts and vacuuming legos – I actually don’t get paid….go figure.

#2 – So I miss a few soccer games where kids are kicking the ball into the wrong net – and birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese……GOOD!!!!

#3 – I have been home – cooking and cleaning and caring for 6 years.  If I have to empty the dishwasher or fold a fitted sheet one more time I am going to gouge out my eyeballs.

#4 – These people aren’t babies….how much do they really need me?

Um…apparently very much.

They cry.

They tell strangers and other mothers, “I’m sad because I miss my Mommy.”

Can you believe it?

Like it’s not stressful enough – I have to hear something so heartbreaking, and then feel like I have to explain my absence to the stranger or preschool mom that they are pouring their hearts out to.

Plus – I can’t really argue  – they are right to miss me.

I have missed practices, Christmas tree parties, dinners, bed-times, games, and birthday parties (THANK YOU JESUS FOR SILVER LININGS.)

I have been tired, frazzled and sad.

Also – of course when I am not working – I have to be spending time with the kids and Mr. Gaga, or catching up on my chores, so any “me” time was out the window.

Not that I would have done anything too leisurely with my spare time – but I basically didn’t even have time to get a manicure or a wax.

It’s hard when your kids are crying that they miss you, the laundry is to the ceiling and there’s no milk  – to make time for your moustache.

It seems downright selfish to think about trivial things like your appearance.

This is me making a quick run to the grocery store....with blatant disregard for my moustache or my camel toe......

Work is slowing down a bit now – so I can go back to my duties as driver, laundress and milk supplier.

Aside from the dreariness of housework – there are some perks.

Let’s be honest.

I can work out.

I can have a coffee in the morning while I check emails or watch Kelly Ripa if I want to.

I can work on projects around the house, I can shop, I can pick a recipe and cook it for dinner- instead of throwing chicken nuggets and carrots sticks at everyone and running out the door.

I can read a book to my children and kiss them goodnight.

Even though I complain  – it’s quite nice being a stay-at-home mom in some ways.

(I will change my mind in about 3 days – Stay tuned next week when I get a full-time job as a garbage man just to escape.)

The fact is – the grass is always greener and it’s never perfect.

One day mothers will come together and say “You know what – motherhood is hard, whether you are home or working.”

Whether I go to work while your home sipping a mimosa watching Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb or I’m sipping a latte at my desk and you are home scrubbing the toilet…’s a struggle.

If you say it’s not… are lying to yourself and others….

There – I said it.


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  1. You are right, It SUCKS! I’ve been both, SAHM when my kids were little and now a full time working mom. My kids love to make me feel guilty and I love to make myself feel guilty about the lack of time I spend at home, with the kids or cooking/cleaning….

    Wish there was a way to switch between the 2, have the best of both worlds….

    • “Wish there was a way to switch between the 2, have the best of both worlds….”

      I think Hannah Montana tried something like that… look where it got her. I think I’d prefer my sucky mama world to her’s 😉

  2. So true…keep up the balancing act though, I look forward to your post every Monday. It’s always good to begin week with a laugh or two.

  3. So true!! Love your blog!

  4. AMEN SISTER! This is a great post!

    I work from home on occasion and sometimes it would be much easier if I had a full time job OUTSIDE of the home. Stuff just gets piled up and up and up. I guess my husband thinks everything is MY JOB now that I stay at home. Whatever. I need to re-train him.

    I’m glad work slowed down for you!

  5. Honestly, there are days where I think working outside the home is easier than staying home!! Working part time…now THAT’S perfection.

  6. Thanks for the Tom Selleck photo! Cameltoe or not, that man is freakin’ HOT!

  7. I am expecting in June and a small business owner. I don’t want to abandon my clients, but at the same time am not sure how much time to take off. It is such a hard situation to figure out. I want to take off enough time to get my baby rolling in the world, but eventually want to go back to work so I can continue to contribute financially as well. The logistics are mind boggling.


  8. You forgot to mention your hot semi-mullet…ROWR you got it goin’ on!!

    I will be returning to work after critter is born…but I think I’m taking away my husband’s man-card and making him a stay at home dad, which kinda has me jealous…especially if he begins to look like Tom…

  9. I had to post about this tonight as well…I want to escape….but just love being sucked back in. I never want to get into the middle of the mommy wars, but the grass really is always greener.

  10. Creative Brooke

    The caption on the Tom Selleck photo was hilarious!! I love it. I can’t quit laughing.

  11. I also love the Tom Selleck photo! I agree, it’s hard on both sides, working or staying home. Enjoy the slower pace and I hope you get some time for yourself!

  12. Nice Tom Selleck photo!

    I think motherhood is hard. Period.

  13. Great post! You are right–no matter what, work at home, stay at home, working mother–motherhood is just hard.

    And laughed aloud at the picture of the woman with the mom hair. How can you have a pixie cut in your twenties and look cute and cool, but as soon as babies come it’s just “Mom hair”?

  14. You are right it is not easy either way. Why can’t it be a little bit easier? Why does it always have to be so hard!

    Good luck with your transition back to laundry and dinner prep!

  15. It’s hard all the way around. This week? Balancing working at home with the kids here! UGH.

  16. I keep waiting for my “want to go back” kick to rear its ugly head. I totally get your grass is greener. When I’m at home – I miss the freedom of work. But when I’m at work – I miss my kids. I think (hope) this past time I worked myself to the bone… so that I am just relishing being home. But it has only been 2 weeks. (For the Record… that is 1 1/2 weeks longer than I’ve ever lasted and not missed work).

  17. Motherhood is hard, doesn’t matter if you stay home or have a job outside. I’ve always thought that mothers who also carry a full time job have it harder cause they have to come home from work and catch up on all the stuff we SAH moms got done during the day.

    No matter what, we are all ‘working moms’.

    Three Men and a Baby is still one of my favorite movies. 3 clueless bachelors + 1 adorable baby = great laughs.

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