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10 things I love about you…

This post is written for a writing prompt from Mama Kat at Mama’s Losin It; in honor of my son S turning 4 next week! I cannot believe how fast this went!

So here goes – 10 thing I love about you…..

1 – Your infectious laugh – It started when you were just 10 months old, you laughed in a restaurant and the whole restaurant stopped talking and started laughing with you!

2 – Your “Jersey Shore –like” tendencies – like your affinity to wearing wife-beaters and the perfect tan that you were magically born with. The fact that when you were 2 years old you requested “sausage and coffee” for your birthday breakfast and that you pretty much refused to wear anything besides velour Puma track suits for a solid year.

Here you are at age 2 - Sauce stain and all.....

 3 – Your dance moves – Your fist pumping (see #2) and booty shaking brings a smile to my face every time.

4 – Your love for your mama – That you would rather be home with me all day doing nothing, than pretty much any other activity I bring to the table, secretly warms my heart.

5 – Your charm – Everywhere you go – you manage to have a following – (usually females!)

6 – Your ability to know every lyric of every song that you have ever heard – (Even if it’s S&M by Rihanna – and thank God those are your initials and I could tell you that it was a song about you……)

7 – Your love for music by all artists – that you know all the lyrics to the Beastie Boys songs  and also have a Bruce Springsteen poster up in your room.  That when people ask you who your favorite singer is you say “The Boss.”

This is "The Boss" Halloween costume I had to make on the fly when you were 2 - because you refused to wear your $50 Lightening McQueen costume

 8 – Your adoration for your big brother. That you ask me all day when he is going to be home and that your face lights up when you see him every time.

9 – Your inability to say  the right words.   Like when you tell me you are only going into the water up to your “nickels,” and that only “goyls” like Justin “Beaver.”

10 – Your honesty – When I told you that I would probably cry when you turned 4 because you aren’t my baby anymore – You said “OK – but not at the party because people will think that’s annoying.”

Happy Birthday to my baby boy!!


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  1. Awww, gotta love him. He sounds like a wonderful little boy.

  2. And I’m crying,too! Soooo sweet!

  3. “not at the party…that’s annoying” HA! at least you know where he stands!

  4. Reminds me of so much…nicely done..sob…just visiting from Mama Kat…sob..

  5. Sausage and coffee, bahaha! Great kid you’ve got there!

  6. He sounds like quite the personality! I love #10 – he doesn’t hold back, does he? 😉

  7. OMG i completely love it that is the sweetest thing!! i also love this website now that i finally figured it out your introduction paragraph is soo incredibly true i never thought we think so much alike lol great job keep this going!!!



  8. I have a #11– that you told your pretty cousin that she was beautiful all over “except for your eyebrows.”

  9. Also, isn’t this just a little sappy for Ladygoogoogaga?
    I think you are getting a little too soft.

  10. All this and he bring his mom flowers! He is one special guy! Have a great weekend!

  11. Remember to save this for him for when he gets older.

  12. So sweet! I can barely see my keyboard through the tears!

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