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Reward Zone

 Fruit Salad

Pasta Salad

Muffins, breads or coffee cake

veggies & dip

Trail Mix

Candy  (or bags of candy – like M&M’s)

Tray of Sandwiches and/or Wraps

cookies and/or Brownies

Cheese and Crackers

So, I know that you are thinking the above list must be a menu for a bridal shower brunch for 100 women or something along those lines.  If so, you would be incorrect.   It is actually a list of requested foods sent by the PTO at my son’s school for the teachers during conference week.  Apparently, if these teachers have to speak to adults instead of children and stay at work until 5 or 6 instead of 3:30 in the afternoon, then they need an assortment of baked goods and sandwiches to make it through.  It is apparently the parents’ responsiblity to make sure that the teachers have the sustenance to survive the extra two hours of work.  These are apparently the most famished individuals who could ever meet. 

That was last week.

This week’s donation is just as annoying.  A student teacher has been helping out in my son’s kindergarten class for 12 weeks and is completing her required hours this week.  So of course, I get an email requesting that all 22 kids bring in $5 to be applied towards a gift card thanking the student teacher.

Ok, I understand that this person worked for free with my child and that’s very nice, but its called an UNPAID INTERNSHIP.  Something WE ALL have done, if we had any plans of having a career.  Why is it that when people make the smallest accomplishment do they need to be rewarded with a box of doughnuts or a gift card to Bed Bath and Beyond?

What about the custodian at the school? After that guy cleans up his 12th puddle of barf during flu season do we give him anything?  What about the bus drivers? After 12 weeks of driving around screaming children should we greet them at the bus stop with chocolates and a bottle of wine?

Don’t get me wrong, I love teachers. I value what they do and I personally could never do it myself.  I am just very unaccustomed to this reward system. 

Growing up, my father owned a factory and worked morning, noon and night.  I’m pretty sure when he landed a new account or created a new product, nobody ever gave him a balloon or a gift card to the Cheesecake Factory.  When it’s a snowy or rainy day, postal workers don’t come back to the post office to find hot chocolate and a Snuggi waiting for them. 

Where does it end?? Can everyone give me some input on this….because maybe I’m just crazy.  (And no you will not be getting any baked goods for your comments.)


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  1. Another Room Mother

    well if this list annoys wait until Teacher Appreciation entire school week dedicated to showering our childrens teachers with their favorite food, colors and daily gestures of appreciation..again on the surface all very nice however it does get a bit overwhelming as we are all rushing around the house in the morning to ensure that our child goes to school dressed in a shirt that illuminates their teachers favorite color! As an added bonus the room mothers have the fortunate task of organizing this symphony of gratitude! I am proud to say that I am one of these Room Mothers! My daughter loves it when I am involved in her classroom and I am happy to see her light up when I walk in the room! However despite this heartwarming response I think we need to say to the PTO can’t we please just have our child say Thank You!

  2. As a teacher, I’m amazed at what your school district asks of you. I’d be happy with a simple “Thank you,” at the end of the year. Sounds to me like your district is a bit stuffy and needs a reality check. All of the teachers there should thank YOU for all that you do!

    (Then these type of teachers wonder why they’re attacked by society, government and the media!)

  3. O.k…..I’m a teacher and I love all that my parents do for me and the classroom and I also have AMAZING room parents. Honestly, it is so nice to get a handwritten card with heartfelt thoughts on how I made a difference in their child’s kindergarten year. However, that being said, I will not say “no” to a gift card…don’t be ridiculous.
    I have three children of my own so I’ve been on the other side of this craziness. Parenting is the hardest job on earth but teaching young children is a close second.

  4. I thought some of your other followers may want to see someone else besides me defending teachers…go Jon Stewart!!—for-richer-and-poorer—teachers-and-wall-street

  5. Teaching and motherhood are the two most important jobs there are. Acknowledgement is essential. Just a handwritten thank you once in a while would suffice. There’s nothing better then a personal note, birthday card, etc. that is handmade or handwritten.

  6. 3 cheers for the custodian!

  7. Well I am a teacher too and what now?? That list for a day of conferences is the craziest thing I’ve ever heard! Way over the top. I agree that a hand written card is the best – I love them and have a pile in my drawer dating back nine years.

  8. I would never expect anything like that. But, I do admit that during conference week, I had parents that could only get there at 6am and ones who could only get there at 7pm. And yes, I was expected to accomodate them. So, if someone had wanted to show up with something for me to eat, I would have greatly appreciated it. 😉

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  12. Yeah, I don’t really know about that list for conference week. We usually provide goodies for the parents on those nights. And the principal usually provides us with dinner as an appreciation for staying the extra hours (yes, it’s just a few hours, but they’re hours for which we are not paid and hours during which we do not get to see our own families–so the appreciation is nice.).

    How would you feel if such a list was sent home and requested during Teacher Appreciation Week? As a school counselor and a mother, I can see it from both sides. As a mother, I certainly appreciate my son’s teachers and I’m happy to do a little something extra to show that (after all, them have him more hours a day than I do!). As a school counselor, I love the little tokens of appreciation from parents and kids, whether it’s a quick email, a handwritten note, or yummy food. People just want to know they’re appreciated. And often times, teachers go above and beyond for kids, staying late to tutor for free, buying clothes for kids who may not have weather-appropriate clothing, buying school supplies for kids who may not have them, etc.–so a little token of thanks is nice.

    (and I know this is a new comment on an old post, but I use my lunch breaks when I can to catch up on your blog–I’ve recently started reading it from beginning to end because you crack me up.)

    • thanks Krumbley – I appreciate you spending what little hours you have to yourself – reading my blog!!! We do a ton of stuff for Teacher Appreciation week – and I always get little extra gifts at holidays, etc.
      I totally appreciate teachers – and could never be one myself – I just think that the conference week stuff is a bit much
      Also – Did I mention – they don’t stay late? We have half days all week long – so that conferences can be from 2-5….

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