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I Heart Swearing

I recently have come to realize I might have to give up something that I have really been holding out on. 

“We have to talk about your cursing.”  My husband greeted me with this after he spent the day with the kids while I worked. 

This is a long-time battle that I will of course lose, and should if I am a good mother, but don’t want to.

I just feel that I have already sacrificed so much since I first became pregnant 6 years ago.  Like what you ask? Hmmm….let’s see.  Of course there’s the obvious; my sanity, my career, my home and any piece of furniture or decorative item inside of it.  Then there’s my figure, which was never modelesque, but at least I had a moderately flat stomach and breasts that didn’t shoot to the floor like a couple of tube socks with tennis balls in them.  The list goes on; smoking, drinking, an entire closet of designer shoes that will never fit again because my feet grew one full size between both pregnancies, my youth, my skin minus stretch marks and wrinkles, etc., etc.   If I want to say the occasional “motherfucker,” I think I’m entitled.

So apparently my older child was opening the car door and accidentally hit his 3 year old brother in the head with it.   The three year old balled up his fists ready to explode with anger and said “You fucking…..” stopped himself abruptly and jumped in the car.  Both kids were silent as the buckled into their seats. 

“Sam, what did you just say?” my husband asked calmly.

“Nothing.” he answered with tears welling up and a quiver in his voice.

“Not nothing, what did you say?”

“I called the car a “fucking.” He replied shakily.

My husband, trying not to laugh, explained that it’s not appropriate to call things or people “fuckings.”

But isn’t it???? Isn’t it sometimes so appropriate? Sigh.  Another sacrifice to add to the list.


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  2. YES! Sometimes things and people are fuckings!!!! I’m cracking up!
    stopping by from TRDC

  3. Laughing at your son’s explanation. I am not a big swearer so whenever my kids repeat anything it is great to be able to blame it all on my husband. 🙂

  4. I swear like a sailor, I really do. Sometimes, there’s just no better way to get the point across! Sometimes, people and things are just “fuckings”, damnit!

    (Visiting from RDC)

  5. At least he used it appropriately. Doesn’t he get points for that, at least?

  6. I enjoyed this so much. It’s always better to show a little creativity with your cursing and switch up the part of speech.

  7. I was checking out TRDC and just as I clicked off, I saw the title of your blog. Well, I think any blog called “I heart swearing” is worth checking out, so I clicked back on JUST TO FIND THE LINK TO YOUR BLOG! Am I glad? Yes. Will I be back? YES!

  8. It is most certainly appropriate to call things fuckings. In fact, I find more often than not that “fuck” is the only appropriate word for the majority of life’s situations.

    This cracked me up! I too have a love affair with cursing. The husband says I am foul-mouthed, but honestly, I’m just expressing myself. Like last week on our road trip when someone cut me off while driving. I wasn’t satisfied with just calling the douche canoe an asshole, I had to go on a 5 min rant replete with the most splendid pairing of curse words the world has ever known. When I was finished the husband said, “feel better?” And you know what? I totally did.

    Found you through TRDC. I was scrolling through the weekend link-ups and was like, “hmm…which one should I click on?” And then I saw your title and I knew it was meant to be!

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  13. It happens. What is sad is the way too many adults embrace it and fail to teach kids better vocabulary. It is not a nice word and is not funny when children use it.


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