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It’s just the principal….

When I was in 5th grade I had a gym teacher that saved 10 minutes at the end of class for us to take mandatory showers for no apparent reason. 

In junior high, my bus driver chain smoked cigarettes(and possibly other stuff) and cursed us out if we stood up. 

When I turned 16, I got my first job in a restaurant where the owner/cook would throw dishes and hot pans at the wait staff when he was having a bad night.

I had a college professor that refused all of my begging for extra help and my tears and insisted on flunking me despite my best efforts in calculus.

Before graduation, I did a bunch of internships in NYC where I was treated like a slave and worked a million hours for free. (Devil Wears Prada-style)

My first job after graduation was as an editorial assistant for some guy that was working out of an office that his wife paid for – while he pretended to publish coffee-table books about golf.  I can actually say with confidence that he was the biggest living douche-bag to ever walk the streets of Greenwich, Connecticut – and believe me when I tell you – that’s pretty bad.

Where am I going with these tales of woe you ask?

Well – this is basically a tale about how human beings can be ass-hats.

The non-ass-hats have to live on the earth with the ass-hats.

That’s life.

That’s why my parents didn’t intervene with any of the above scenarios – they thought it best that I learn on my own about how horrific people could be.

When I told my mother that my gym teacher was a mean lesbian that watched me take a shower – she said something like “Can we talk about this after Another World?” – and then it was never discussed again.

I guess the mothers in my town don’t believe in this kind of parenting.  They are far too involved with every little tiny detail of their children’s lives to watch “Another World.”

You know how there are mothers who lose their marbles once they decide to stay home with their children?

You know the ones in my town that send out mass-emails to their “mommy club” asking what the weather outside is like?

You know the ones that think that they are the best parents in the world and that their child is a sweet cherubic angel and that they are mother of the year?

Well add to their warped sense of reality a heavy dose of BOREDOM!!! (GO BACK TO WORK GIRLS!!!!) and guess what these geniuses decided to do this time?

With all of their energy and free time did the local mothers in my town:

A- volunteer at a local shelter

B – Learn a new language

C- Get a part-time job

D – Light torches and go to the local newspaper and Board of Ed to cry and complain that the principal is “mean to them.”


You chose “D” right?

Of course you did – you know this town so well!!

Don’t think I am making this up!! This small group of parents (including 3 of the past PTO Presidents – and you know those people are usually geniuses) were very upset because they said that the principal was a “mean bully.”

The HARTFORD COURANT ran an article that quoted a mother for saying that when parents would go to the principal with ideas to change things “she would always say no.”

OOhhhh!!!! Now I know why they are so mad…..It’s because they ran the bake sale and a talent show and so now they think they are qualified to run a SCHOOL.  

NO Ladies – NO!!  You can’t run the school!!  

NO! bored moms – you cannot schedule meetings to tell the principal how to change the school and she’s going to listen to you. 

That’s in itself a stupid idea – so already I’m guessing ideas aren’t your strong suit.

But wait – you have to hear some of the stories about why they hate this woman.  One woman said that when she met with her about her child’s BAD behavior – the principal suggested she take parenting classes.

Bahahaha!!! Oh how I would have loved to be a fly on the wall for that one!!

Another person said that their child said that he was scared of the principal and the child had anxiety as a result.

Are you kidding me with this?

Children are supposed to be afraid of the principal!!

You don’t have to like the principal you stupid twats.

So this principal is a little bit tough – and little rough around the edges and doesn’t take shit from nagging annoying parents and their rotten kids.

So what?

So this is a photo of the principal on the first day of school after some parents gave her flowers because they felt bad for her….She doesn’t seem that bad to me…..

Stick to the bake sales PTO’ers and stop ruining people’s lives and careers because you are bored.

If I have said it once I have said it a million times – GO TO EFFING WORK!!!

If not -if you are this bored then volunteer for an organization – help those who are less fortunate, stop BOTHERING PEOPLE!!!!

These morons decided to overturn their elementary school by submitting a letter and signed petition requesting that the Board of Education fires the principal (that has been their for 12 YEARS!) of an AWARD-WINNING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, WITH AMAZING SCORES!

Ok – let’s see I made sandwiches that looked like daisies, read 50 Shades for the 10th time with my bullet, got a manicure…..hmmm the only thing left to do is start a petition!!!

One of the major complaints of the group was that they had spent years writing letters complaining and bad-mouthing the principal and nobody knows where the letters are.

Ohh….hmmmm…..where could they be??

Let me save you the suspense, rocket scientists…….they are in the garbage. 

If you are looking for your letters, they were last seen somewhere inside of the red circle…..

I’m sorry ….did you think she filed them away in her “Bitches who hate me because I don’t listen to their ideas” folder?

The entertainment factor reading the articles about how “bad” it was for people was off the charts.  My favorite was a quote in an article from a mother who’s kids are currently TWENTY YEARS OLD!!! -but she felt it necessary to get her name on the petition – because she was still very upset about an incident where   “her son threw cranberries at someone’s house when he was little and the principal had him arrested.”

Do you know how hard I would laugh if Sam got arrested for throwing a cranberry??? 

I would high-five the police and the principal for scaring the shit out of him and probably piss my pants from laughing so hard.

When I looked at the article the next time – I fell off my chair laughing – because the woman had called for a retraction!!! I absolutely cannot make this stuff up!!!!!

Editor’s note: Statements made by MOM X have been corrected to indicate that her son and others threw crab-apples, not cranberries, and that the students were detained at the Police Department, not arrested.


It’s a shame.

So now this principal- who has done her job effectively but hasn’t been ass-kissing these parents and their devil-children – is being replaced at the end of the year!!


I hope they are quite happy and proud about all of their diligent work. 

Just think when they die – it will be the second time in their whole life they will be mentioned in the very prestigious Hartford Courant. 

It will say something like “Made awesome daisy sandwiches and destroyed someone’s career.”


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  1. This is great! These women should think about my standard response to people who complain about teachers, administrators, etc.: The devil you know is better than the devil you don’t.

  2. Thank you!! We live in the same town and I love reading your blog because you give me hope that there is at least one other normal mother here!

  3. Dying laughing.

  4. love this, I have seriously almost fallen off my chair reading this…those Mommas are nasty…lots of them in my itty bitty town as well…grrrrrr…

  5. Love this post. I’m a relatively young mother (24) with a 2 year old, but when I was in school (especially high school) I saw a lot of stuff like this. I live in a small town in Alabama. My school was run by last names and money. One year, to make it fair, the school was requiring all of the -at the time- current ensemble members to re-auditon for their spots to make things fair for the overwhelming response to tryouts. One kid, who had the right last name and money, complained to daddy. Daddy threatens school with some lame-ass threat. Kid gets his way. One girl didn’t complete all of her required school days to graduate… She graduated anyway, simply because she had the right last name and her parents bitched about how seemingly unfair it was that she couldn’t graduate. I didn’t have mix much with the parents, the way you do. But I imagine the mob meetings went about the same.

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  7. Love this:
    “NO! bored moms – you cannot schedule meetings to tell the principal how to change the school and she’s going to listen to you.

    That’s in itself a stupid idea – so already I’m guessing ideas aren’t your strong suit.”

    When I’m not writing my blog, I am the Director of Communications & Alumni at my kids’ school (read: I, too, am an Evil School Administrator). So I can testify that this kind of crap happens all across the country in ALL kinds of schools.

    I give a hearty HERE HERE and a, “Yeah! Everything she said!” to you and all your rantings.

    Love you!

  8. That makes me fucking crazy! I am a teacher and wish daily for a principal with a spine who won’t take shit from stupid, bored, “asshats” like that. Total disgrace that the district caved.

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